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NPI Data Dissemination
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Changes to Disease Reporting Requirements for Physicians
Changes to the disease reporting requirements for Florida became effective on November 20, 2006; it represents an extensive rewrite of Chapter 64D-3, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.).
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64B8-30.004 Change in Employment Status.
(1) The supervising physician of any physician assistant who is terminated from employment or otherwise ends employment as a physician assistant shall notify the Council in writing within 30 days of such occurrence.
(2) Each physician assistant shall submit changes to the Department on the form approved by the Council and Boards, and provided by the Department within 30 days of any change in employment status.
(3) Upon any change in employment status the licensed physician assistant’s prescribing privileges shall immediately be stayed until such time as a new written agreement is entered into pursuant to Rule 64B8-30.007 or 64B15-6.0037, F.A.C., and a new form is filed with the Department. A special form is available at the Department of Health website.

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Medicaid's Deadline for tamper-proof Rx pads is April 1

Beginning April 1, 2008, all written prescriptions for outpatient drugs prescribed to a Medicaid beneficiary must be on paper with at least one tamper-resistant feature as outlined by CMS. Beginning October 1, 2008 these same prescriptions must be on paper that meets all three baseline characteristics of tamper-resistant pads.

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What Can You Do To Stop Medicare Payment Cuts?
Without congressional action Medicare physician payment rates will be reduced 10.6 percent in July 1, 2008, and an additional 5 percent on January 1, 2009. The 2007 Medicare Trustees report predicts total cuts of about 40 percent by 2016. It is critical that Congress take action to replace the next 18 months of cuts with positive updates based on practice cost increases.

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