Florida Medical Political Action Committee

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Who are we?
FLAMPAC (Florida Medical Political Action Committee) is a non-partisan, political action committee created by the FMA in 1949 to elect pro-medicine candidates to state and national legislative offices. The membership of FLAMPAC includes physicians, physician spouses, medical students and residents, association staff and others who take an active role in the health care community.

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What we do
FLAMPAC is a political action committee that solicits voluntary contributions from physicians, their spouses and others interested in effective health care legislation. Funds raised are used to research, select and support the election of candidates who are supportive of medicine’s concerns. FLAMPAC serves its members by providing political education to physicians and alliance members through workshops, publications and other activities, which allow members to become educated on important issues regarding campaigns and current legislation. In addition, a portion of your contribution is allocated to the American Medical Political Action Committee (AMPAC), which operates at the national level to support pro-medicine candidates for US Senate and Congress.

Tim Stapleton, Executive Director
Sarah Rothell, FLAMPAC Coordinator
PO Box 10269
Tallahassee, Florida 32302
Telephone: (800) 762-0233
Fax: (850) 224-4424