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The following are just a few of the wonderful benefits you receive as a member of CCMS. Don't forget to check Partnerships for additional benefits.

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Legislative Grass Roots

 Lobby on the behalf of Medical Doctors and Doctors of Osteopathy for legislation regarding tort reform, expert witness, prompt pay and all issues regarding Florida’s healthcare crisis.

Inform the public and legislators on Florida’s healthcare crisis by supplying information necessary for policy making.

Find a wealth of information in our quarterly newsletter.

Protecting the practice of medicine is a constant battle. As a Member of the Charlotte County Medical Society and as an FMA member you help to ensure that physicians are adequately represented during the Legislative Session. Please encourage all physicians to join the fight.

Continuing Medical Education

Members are offered at no charge all of the state mandated CME requirements at the AMA Category I Level ten (10) times a year with up to sixteen (16) CME credits available at our membership meetings.

Special Discounts/Programs/Packages

Members of the Society are entitled to purchase workers’ compensation insurance offered by OptaComp.  Participating members are eligible for dividends based exclusively on claims.

Furthermore, the Society has launched a group health insurance plan offered by Blue Cross – which will save you money insuring yourself, family and staff.

Members enjoy other benefits such as Phone Rover a full communication service, special rates for services.

Free Legal Advice, Discounted Contract Review and Negotiation

The Florida Medical Association maintains a Legal Hotline open to ALL members.  Call 1-800-762-0233.  If you have a legal question – from patient records to confidentiality to terminating a patient relationship you can call for fast, free, and authoritative guidance.

Free Notary Public Service

            Please call 625-6229 to use this FREE service, this service will also be able at every meeting.

Referrals and Physician Profiles

In 2012, over 1260+ referrals were given to members.


A complimentary set of membership labels and/or directory to members available upon request.

Publication: Monthly Newsletter